‘We’re going to ramp extremely fast…’ Fungi-fueled startup Meati Foods launches meat from mycelium direct to consumer

Speaking to FoodNavigator-USA after Colorado-based Meati Foods started processing its first orders through meati.com​, CEO Dr Tyler Huggins said Tassani’s goal​ was lofty, but did not amount to a tech-fueled fantasy: “My co-founder and I were asking Scott, hey, is this too aggressive? Does it seem a little crazy? And he didn’t flinch, and said ‘I will sell every pound that you produce.’”

While no new hire is going to tell you he can’t​ sell your product, Tassani’s confidence is based on conversations with potential partners, stressed Huggins, who claims Meati is carving out new territory in the category with minimally-processed, whole food, whole cut, products offering protein quality on a par with animal products (PDCAAS score: 1) that blow rivals out of the water from a sensory, nutritional, and sustainability perspective.

“We only opened this to email subscribers, without any marketing, and we sold over 1,100 cutlets within an hour, and sold out all of our product within 24 hours. We talked to retailers and foodservice companies and every single person we talk to wants it, so actually a $1bn run rate in 2025 may even be conservative.”

Plant-based meat: ‘The current offerings don’t deliver, it’s just a sea of sameness’

But isn’t growth in retail sales of refrigerated plant-based meat in particular slowing down, prompting some commentators to wonder if the meat alternative bubble is about to burst?

What we get ​[from retail and foodservice buyers] is that they love the category, they know consumers want more sustainable, ethical products, but the current offerings don’t deliver, it’s just a sea of sameness,” ​said Huggins. “Meati checks all the boxes, it’s nutritious, it’s sustainable, and it’s a whole food, it’s not processed ​[ingredients list Meati cutlets: Mycelium, salt, flavor, acacia gum].”






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