We’re reviving our recipe column: Submit your favorites to The Daily Herald

EVERETT — Years ago, The Daily Herald featured a weekly recipe column called The Forum.

Led by the wonderful Judyrae Kruse, The Forum often featured recipes from readers and chefs alike. According to former Herald columnist Julie Muhlstein, Judyrae also “shared stories of great meals, restaurant specialties, and how food and heritage are intertwined.”

The Forum was created by editor Nancy Erickson, and Judyrae took over in 1977. She wrote the reader-to-reader recipe exchange column for 36 years until she retired from the Herald in 2013. She died in 2017.

Readers still remember Judyrae’s delightful and warm voice, snapshots of her family and the role of The Forum as a place for conversations between her and readers.

In fact, quite a few of you have asked me to bring The Forum back to the Herald’s pages.

Well, now’s our chance.

You can send recipes to [email protected]. Your recipes can be mains, sides, baked goods, cocktails, mocktails, meaty, plant-y, simple, fussy. Whatever you like.

Just be sure to include the name of the recipe, ingredients, directions and a photo if possible. I also want to know who the recipe came from, how you found it, why you love it, if it’s in your weekly rotation or a once-in-a-blue-moon treat, and anything else you’d like to include. Please note if the recipe is a direct copy of one you found online or in print, so we can provide the correct attribution.

Depending on how many submissions I receive, I may not be able to feature everyone, but I will be responsive either way.

As with Judyrae’s column, this will not just be a simple recipe forum. I want to hear about a meal that connects you to your culture and family; your favorite local ingredients (and when/where to find them); a dish that gets you through hard times.

It could be a funny (read: catastrophic) memory, like the time I tried to improv a mango sauce for fish, and it somehow ended up tasting like how Jiffy Lube smells, and the night ended in pizza takeout.

I might even cook your recipe and film the process for evidence — an unpolished (and likely messy) video that reflects my style/overall existence. We’re going to have fun.

We also invite readers to send us food-related essays and letters to the editor.

So please, dear reader, go to your recipe index, your memories, your great grandmother — wherever you can grab a dish for all of us to share.

Contact food reporter Taylor Goebel at 425-339-3046 or email her at [email protected]. Twitter: @TaylorGoebel. Join The Daily Herald’s food-centered Facebook group, SnohomDish.






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